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1/10/18, 1/17/18, 1/24/18

So I was definitely really nervous about the River Edge workshops. This would be my first time leading a workshop and anyone who's ever seen me practice for a presentation at school knows that public speaking is definitely not my strongest suit. There were going to be three River Edge sessions, so I developed new material where we'd be learning HTML/CSS basics by building a blog together, and then afterwards the kids would make their own sites. Unfortunately, what ended up happening was that the blog idea was a little too structured, but things still worked out well. Instead of building a blog along with me, the kids took the elements that we were teaching and used it to build their own sites. The first session we focused purely on HTML, the second session we focused on CSS, and the third session was a free for all where we helped the students with their websites and put them up with Github Pages.

These workshops were really fun and I'm proud of what the students were able to make in such a short amount of time! I remember cracking up like crazy when I found out that one of the kids was building a website-recreation of the Declaration of Independence. Another student built their own personal youtube channel gaming site, while another played with css and made as many variations of a box possible. We had a great time coding and fooling around, and I'm really looking forward to leading another workshop in the future!

- Iris

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